SQL Saturday #602 Iceland

This week I  got the great news that I will be presenting 2 session on the SQL Saturday #602 in Iceland!

On Saturday the 18th of march in Reykjavik I will be talking on Operational analytics & will be presenting a whole new session on SQL Server problems!

The session on Operational analytics will be an full hour showing you how to combine your OLTP & OLAP workload in one database!

The tombola is a whole new concept! I will be bringing a tombola machine stacked full with SQL Server issues I’ve seen in the field throughout the years. An impartial observer will pick a ball from the bowl which contains an issue. This issue will then be explained & we will show the impact it has on the system. After this we will show you how to fix it on long term & short term. We will keep fishing issues out of the bowl the hour is finished.

All information concerning the SQL Saturday can be found on http://www.sqlsaturday.com/602/EventHome.aspx

I would like to thank the SQL Saturday team of Iceland for giving me the opportunity to do present on their SQL Saturday!

Hope to see a lot of you there!

Stay tuned!


One thought on “SQL Saturday #602 Iceland

  1. Franky Leeuwerck says:

    Congrats and enjoy !

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